Ame in Japan
Paula’s visit

Paula came to visit me in Kyoto starting the 28th of April till the 3th (when we left for Nagoya, more on that later!)
On saturday we went shopping at Kyoto-eki and at icecream at Baskin Robbins!!!

Saturday night we went clubbing!!!! It was so much fun \(^.^)/

Drinking chocolate-banana milk and eating cookies and strawberries in the kitchen.

On monday we went shopping again but downtown this time. We had icecream and cake first

Paula went to a Geisha show on tuesday and brought back this cute donut for me!!!

on wednesday we ate sushi at a kaiten-sushi place close to university.

I ate an interesting cake, made of crêpes and cream!!! おいしかった!!!!

In the evening we did karaoke!

It was a really busy week as I still had classes to attend to (and tests -grrr). Not taking that in consideration, we had lots of fun!!!!

Arashiyama: Dom’s Birthday!

Dom’s birthday was on the 21st of April, for that occasion we went to Arashiyama for a picnic and to the monkeypark.
Dom’s door in the morning! (birthday wishes!)

Birthday-girl in the kitchen, preparing her dish for the picnic.

Our mess for picnic preparation. I made a cake, Dom made a glass-noodle dish.

A Philipino breakfast: chocolate-rice! Dom was looking forward to that the whole week! It was really yummie.

Putting strawberries on the cake.

Finished cake! It looks ugly like hell but it tasted awesome!!!! :3

Group picture time!!!!! This is the gang that went to Arashiyama.

Picnic by the riverside.

Climbing Arashiyama! (stupid me didn’t take in consideration the fact that we would hike a bit… wearing heels wtf OTL )

Group picture with a monkey!!!

Time to play!!!! Of course it’s again the Belgians and Germans…
Gaijin, abunai!!!!

In the evening we went to a gaming hall. My first time ^^

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pfffttt you know it will end up in you bullying ME :p

So this is a report of the past 2 weeks…

I went to Tokyo on the 30th and 31st of march. Look what I encountered in Shibuya! Very nice billboards ^^

Going to Tokyo on those days was a bit of a miscalculation though. I wanted to go then because my friends from uni would be there at the same time. In the end it was very hard to find them and meet up AND the shinkansen is so expensive T_T I was not amused, at all.
When I eventually found my friends we went to karaoke!

First day of uni was on the 2nd of April, the first week was all introduction, paperwork and other boring things.

One afternoon I went to kaitensushi with a bunch of other people. Really fascinating experience…. they even had cake :O

Some more introduction sesions where I didn’t pay attention…. I was totally engrossed by the pocky, as you can see. O and meet my friend Melissa btw, she’s from Australia!


One night I decided to bake crêpes! Everybody present in the kitchen was rather enraptured by my baking…. I felt like I was giving a show!


friday 6th of April we had a nomikai with the skp-budies (Japanese students at Ritsu who take care of us, poor clueless foreigners)

After two hours we were thrown out (it’s a weird Japanese custom to pay for 2 hours of drinking and after that you have to leave or pay more, therefore going out in Japan is rather expensive!)  on to the Kamogawa we went  and froze our toes off in the process.


Sakura are blooming on campus right now.

Last friday (the 13th) I had an icecreamparty at my room … there are so many yummie flavours!!!!

My friends occupying my room, and one of them (Dom) stealing my plushies!!!!

After the icecream, on to Karaoke (again)! -but I don’t have any good pictures of that :( -


Saturday (the 14th) I went to hanami by the Kamogawa. Everyone was really fascinated by my cyberlox and they kept pulling at it … even a shopwoman pulled them without asking :S -seriously people would you touch my real hair like that? It seems that when something looks a bit weird it suddenly becomes public property.

There was a really strong wind that day!


Today I bought my 教科書 (textbooks)!


Saigo ni! (lastly)
Some facts:

-I ended up in the D1 class, a level to low according to Niehaus-sensei… so he is going to let me take Japanese 6 again (HEY KOUHAI NEXT YEAR I WILL BE IN YOUR CLASS AND I WILL BULLY ALL OF YOU!!!!! *looks at Penny, PJ, Tessa Marescha, Fanny and Josse.*)
-The weather here is bullshit, we have four seasons in 2 days… rain, cold, sun, hot, wind … everything mixed together. You never know what’s going to happen when you set a foot outside of your door.
-Life at the dorms is very interesting and fun, all the people over here are awesome!!!!!

P.S. A special message for Fune-Bert, as Inke said that you were wondering about me: I’m having a good time! Thanks for thinking about me!!!!! I will try to do smaller updates and more often from now on!

Three days since my arrival.

I’m getting used to living in the dorms already. Everyone is so friendly and eager to talk. The weather is not so good, pretty cold and rainy (sometimes the sun comes out). But o well, I’m in Japan, summer will be here soon.
And now on to the narrative of the last 2 days! Mimasho!!!!

On Thursday our Japanese ‘budies’ helped us to do some alien registration and other paperwork. In the afternoon Julie (an American exchange student living in my dorms) took me to Kyoto station, we met up with some friends of hers. For dinner we had Yakisoba and something I forgot the name of (it was an omelet with vegetables and meat in it and lots of sauce on top)

In the evening we had a little get together for meeting everybody who has already arrived.
Yesterday we could chose a bike to hire, it’s really handy and I made good use of it already. I went to the shopping center at the other side of town, about half an hour by bike. I bought some stuff and walked around happily.
Things I bought: and yes that’s a lot of kpop, now shut up

I adore my new sneakers, they’re so sparkly like rainbow vomit. *o*

Tonight I’m heading to karaoke with some ‘budies’ and other people from the dorms. *excited*

Have some pictures of the dorm area:

Arrived safely in Japan!

This seems like one long day, as I didn’t actually sleep on the plain. We encountered no real problems with the transport from the airport to the dorms.
I-house 1 is very basic, but the people welcoming us were very friendly. I encountered some difficulties with my adapter, and I have to go buy a new one tomorow. Lucky the landlady and landlord are so nice to borrow me a better adapter.
Here are pictures of my room. more will follow later as I’m not really in the mood right now (I desperately need some sleep :S)

I started packing my suitcases on sunday and finished today. They are so full OTL my stupid books take half of the small suitcase.
On saturday I had a goodbye party at my house for my friends living closeby. I backed a chocolate cake and my mother made tiramisu and scones! We had a really fun time!
My friends from highschool bought me a unicorn as a goodbye present and when later my friend from uni arrived it turned out she bought the same toy. They are now twins, Victor&Hugo!

Yesterday I went to my university in Ghent for the last time this semester. My Ba paper is handed in, and I said goodbye to my uni-friends. I will miss them so much

But I will meet up with some of them next week, when they are coming to Japan for a vacation.

I’m leaving tomorrow morning at 8.07h with the train to Antwerp and from there to Schiphol (Amsterdam). I’m excited and anxious at the same time.

School will start on the 2nd of April (an introduction week first) so I will have some time to settle and snoop around Kyoto (and maybe Tokyo).
My next update will probably be from Kyoto, fingers crossed that I don’t die a horrible death on the way there.


I’ve received my visa application material! The administration at my uni has been holding it back since the 1st of March. Assholes. Seriously, I’m leaving in a week. And I still have to apply for my visa. UUUGGHHHH I could kill yesterday…. them bitches, making me stress out because I didn’t know what happened to the documents.

10 days ….

My leave for Japan is coming closer! I really can’t stand it that I have to stay calm and do the things recuired before my leave. I want to run around, scream do useless things. I can’t concentrate on anything.
This is not a good mindset, as I’m recuired to write a Ba paper before my leave and I can’t seem to focus on it.

In the past week I’ve bought a new suitcase, 2 mics for skype, a book for the 11 hours on the plain and a hell of a lot of new clothes and shoes (thanks a lot mom, there goes my plan to buy all my clothes in Japan :S)

I’ve got a new haircut and colour yesterday. If my red hair has faded in 2 months I will probably go to a Japanese hairdresser to dye it pink.

I have some problems with my student visa, Ritsumeikan still hasn’t send my papers and I can’t go pick up the visa without them.
There was some good news as well! I will probably be able to attend a Big Show in Osaka! *dancing* (for those who don’t now what it is, don’t even bother, you will be probably rolling your eyes if you did)

I’m so hyper I can’t.

I will probably post next week to show of my suitcases(!) (yes 2 of them!)


Hi Guys!

Because people kept on nagging me that I should create a blog for my semester stay in Japan, here I am!

Why am I running this blog:

On the 21st of march I will leave for Japan and will be studying there untill the 5th of august.

What I will be blabbering about:

my adventures in the land of rainbows and unicorns: Japan!